As a taxidermist you owe it to yourself, your business and your clients
to become a member of this great educational organization.

Our Mission
The South Dakota Taxidermist Association (SDTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancing and promotion of better taxidermy
while uniting taxidermists in fellowship, learning and staying abreast of latest innovations, techniques and laws governing our industry.
Our proceeds go towards maintaining our annual convention/competition.

Welcome to the South Dakota Taxidermist Association website.
We are glad you are seeking more information regarding the SDTA.
If you are not already a member, we invite you to become a member.
If you are a beginner, hobbyist, part-time or full time taxidermist, you will be amazed
at how much you can learn from other members, seminars and the convention/competition.

Top Reasons To Join the SDTA If You Haven’t Already!!
  • A way to improve the quality of work by getting critiqued from the judges. Thus bringing in more business to your shop.
  • Learn new and better techniques on how to do things from judges and fellow taxidermists.
  • Get to see the new and improved materials that are available.
  • Hands on seminars.
  • Talk one-on-one with world class taxidermists.
  • Share business related concerns and get tips from other taxidermist using real life examples.
  • Attend all the informative seminars for the whole weekend for such a low cost (SDTA membership fees are very reasonable compared to other states). Seminars will improve your quality of mounts and knowledge. There is lots to learn!
  • A chance to show off your work and see how it compares to other taxidermist.
  • Win awards that can boost your business and self esteem.
  • Make lasting memories and friends throughout the weekend. The SDTA is a relaxed bunch that likes to have fun!



2014 SDTA Gun Calendar WINNERS

All winners should receive a letter from the SDTA (at the beginning of the month you won) on how to claim your prize. 
If you do not receive your letter, please call Glenda at 605-460-2133.

Day APRIL  Cost Gun    Ticket # Winner
1 Remington 700 BDL 30-06  $      783.00 688 Ron Stoppleworth
3 Savage 93R17 BTVSS 17 HMR  $      373.00 1196 Andy Thompson
8 Browning BPS Hunter 12 gauge  $      519.00 1454 Scott Kluver
10 Remington 870 Express 12 gauge  $      295.00 321 Bill Menne
15 Savage Axis .270 Win w/scope  $      320.00 494 Caleb Geffre
17 Henry H001 .22 LR  $      267.00 1573 Paul Fiedler
22 Mossberg Super Bantam 500 20 gauge Combo  $      370.00 320 Jason Stahl
24 Ruger 10/22 RB .22 LR  $      195.00 664 Danielle Monteith
29 Ruger American .270  $      342.00 1210 Chad Noeldner



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